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identity theft

Seniors beware of scams and identity theft

The Following is important information from the Better Business Bureau. Seniors are often the target for scams:

Protecting our seniors is a high priority with BBB. Listed below are common scams and problems with identity theft in relation to Medicare. Also provided are “quick tips” that tell you when to just walk away, hang up the phone or just say no.

Be suspicious of doctors, health care providers and suppliers who:

•Ask for your Medicare number in exchange for free services or equipment.

•Tell you they need it for “record keeping purposes”

•Advertise “free ” consultation for people on Medicare

•Call or visit use stating they represent ” Medicare or the federal government”

•Use telephone or door to door selling techniques.

•Use pressure or scare tactics to sell you expensive medical services […]

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Senior Awareness Program helps elderly, caregivers identify scams

The Cleveland Chapter of the Better Business Bureau has a Senior Awareness program designed to help seniors avoid the scams that are so often directed at them. Not all of them are charity scams.

If you have doubt, it’s probably a scam. Get more information before you donate to an unknown charity.

One scam that stands out on BBB’s top ten list for 2012, is the “grandparent emergency scam”.  This scam is a phone call or email from a loved one who is in danger/trouble, out of town, and needs money right away.

It sounds far fetched, but it actually happened to a Hanson Services co-worker.

The co-worker’s grandmother received a phone call from a girl who addressed her as “Grandma” and said she was in trouble and […]

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