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Hanson Sun City featured in “The Sun”

Hanson Services helps seniors stay at home

CNA Monica Bostich chats with Hanson Services client Rosemary Figueroa at her Apollo Beach home in Caribbean Isles. Bostich visits four times each week to fix Figueroa’s breakfast and lunch, make sure she takes her medications, perform light chores and provide companionship. LOIS KINDLE/STAFF

By Lois Kindle | Tribune Staff
Published: August 6, 2014

SUN CITY CENTER – When aging seniors who live alone need help with their personal care, everyday chores, meal planning, transportation and more, keeping them in their homes can become a challenge – and that’s where Hanson Services can help.“We’re Sun City Center’s first and oldest in-home care provider,” said 12-year administrator Georgana Collins, a licensed practical nurse for 43 years. […]

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Hanson Services Sarasota/Bradenton Welcomes “Hope”


Hanson Services, providers of home care services to Sarasota area Seniors, is pleased to announce the appointment of Hope Wulliman as the branch administrator.

Hope joins the Hanson team as a LPN with over 16 years of experience, specializing in home care and services for older adults.  As an Administrator of Medicare/Medicaid Home Health Care and Private Duty Home Health agencies, Hope brings a broad range of expertise managing care and services provided to older adults in their own homes.  Career highlights include: Administrator for an Alzheimer’s and Dementia facility,  an Alzheimer’s Level I and Level II trainer,  and an Alzheimer’s group facilitator for the spouse and family members of a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Dementia.   In her spare time Hope enjoys going on Medical Missionary Trips and volunteering to help with […]

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The Future of Senior Homecare

The future of Senior Homecare has entered into discussions about the upcoming changes in U.S. Healthcare.  One article in today’s Journal of  the American Medical Association, JAMA, stands out.    Dr. Steve Landers, former director of the Cleveland Clinic’s homecare program, and advisor to Hanson Services, discusses a need to look deeper into the Medicare Homecare benefit, which focuses on the medical visits to patients at home.  Dr. Landers supports the idea of “aging in Place” which is why he was so beneficial to us at Hanson Services.

He mentions the need to include other components, involved with care at home that do not fall under medical coverage.

“Additional outcome measures focused on family caregivers should be added because caregiver function represents important economic outcomes of home health not captured in current measures.”

Hanson Services caregivers would fall into the family […]

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Home Care Decisions Bring Out Family Dynamics

Home care decisions bring out family dynamics in the best and worst ways.
     Home care decisions and family dynamics can become matches and gasoline if not acknowledged and addressed.  The gasoline, being the family dynamic, goes quickly from liquid to fire when the match is added.  The metaphor might sound overly dramatic, but the point is, families facing a crisis over an aging parent, can become families at war.
Often our calls to Hanson Services Inc. come from a daughter-in-law frustrated over her in-law’s care, and the inability of the family to agree on a care plan or make a decision.  An outsider  (the daughter-in-law in this case) can see a solution but doesn’t have a voice within the family dynamic.  She can’t pursue the solution without risking the animosity that comes from “overstepping her boundaries” within […]

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