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Easy And Inexpensive Ways For Older Adults To Prevent Falls

We wanted to share the below Forbes article with great tips on preventing falls in the home. Please share with your loved one to help make home a safe and secure place.
Older Adult Fall Prevention
Falls are the leading cause of injury-related death among people 65 and older. One-third of older adults will fall, many will be hospitalized, and some will die. You’ve probably heard the common story: A frail senior is doing relatively well until she falls. She breaks a hip, everything seems to go downhill, and she dies.

But many falls are preventable. Two articles, one in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). and a one from the Harvard Medical School, provide some terrific, low-cost, low-tech ways to avoid dangerous falls. I’ve […]

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Vaccination Rates for Older Adults Falling Short

A report by Kaiser Health News featured on PBS NEWSHOUR, highlights a study that shows older adults continue to fall short on essential vaccinations including those for flu, shingles, pneumonia and tetanus. As the start of another flu season approaches, we at Hanson Services want to encourage all Seniors and those who care for them to make sure they are up to date on these life saving shots. Many are conveniently available through local pharmacies, retailers, community and senior centers, and of course, medical providers. The story in its entirety is featured below.

Vaccinations for Seniors

BY Phil Galewitz, Kaiser Health News  September 16, 2015 at 7:21 AM EDT

Three out of four Americans older than 60 don’t get a shingles vaccine to protect themselves […]

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In Alzheimer’s, emotions may linger after memories vanish

Ask any Hanson Services care giver what they focus on when caring for a client with Alzheimer’s disease and they will universally answer: creating positive and happy experiences in a setting where our client feels familiar, comfortable and safe. And they should know as, on average,  50% of Hanson clients are living with some form of memory loss.

Often we are contacted by family seeking caregiving help for someone with advancing Alzheimer’s.  During the assessment process we work with families to recognize that Alzheimer’s care goes far beyond personal care and physical safety. We stress the importance of continuing the social events and outings that brought joy in the past: church, symphony, walks in the park etc.  We emphasize the value of enlisting experienced caregivers who can provide engaged and meaningful […]

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    Memories of “The Good Ol’ Days” with Lakewood Scarecrow Festival Entry

  • Hanson Services Scarecrow display
  • Madison Avenue Scarecrows

Memories of “The Good Ol’ Days” with Lakewood Scarecrow Festival Entry

Hanson Services honors memories of an era gone by with their 2014 entry into the Lakewood Scarecrow Festival. For the second straight year, Madison Avenue is alive with an array of scarecrows- some scary, some happy and some just plain silly. Hanson employees, lead by Lily Yee and Jim Harris, created a spectacular seasonal display featuring Scarecrow Raggedy Ann and Andy. As providers of care to older adults, Hanson Services appreciates the opportunity to revisit memories and happy times with our clients. And while these cheerful figures may keep the crows away, friendly ground squirrel neighbors are enjoying the fall bounty of pumpkins, apples and hay.Take a quick trip down Madison Avenue in Lakewood, Ohio to check out all the entries then stop by and vote for your favorites. The Kiwanis and […]

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Hanson Sun City featured in “The Sun”

Hanson Services helps seniors stay at home

CNA Monica Bostich chats with Hanson Services client Rosemary Figueroa at her Apollo Beach home in Caribbean Isles. Bostich visits four times each week to fix Figueroa’s breakfast and lunch, make sure she takes her medications, perform light chores and provide companionship. LOIS KINDLE/STAFF

By Lois Kindle | Tribune Staff
Published: August 6, 2014

SUN CITY CENTER – When aging seniors who live alone need help with their personal care, everyday chores, meal planning, transportation and more, keeping them in their homes can become a challenge – and that’s where Hanson Services can help.“We’re Sun City Center’s first and oldest in-home care provider,” said 12-year administrator Georgana Collins, a licensed practical nurse for 43 years. […]

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Hanson Services Sarasota/Bradenton Welcomes “Hope”


Hanson Services, providers of home care services to Sarasota area Seniors, is pleased to announce the appointment of Hope Wulliman as the branch administrator.

Hope joins the Hanson team as a LPN with over 16 years of experience, specializing in home care and services for older adults.  As an Administrator of Medicare/Medicaid Home Health Care and Private Duty Home Health agencies, Hope brings a broad range of expertise managing care and services provided to older adults in their own homes.  Career highlights include: Administrator for an Alzheimer’s and Dementia facility,  an Alzheimer’s Level I and Level II trainer,  and an Alzheimer’s group facilitator for the spouse and family members of a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Dementia.   In her spare time Hope enjoys going on Medical Missionary Trips and volunteering to help with […]

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Recognizing Excellence in Senior Caregiving

On Tuesday, Hanson Services and MetroHealth Systems of Cleveland, Ohio partnered to honor Caregivers from both organizations who have demonstrated exceptional compassion and skill in careers dedicated to helping seniors. This celebration kicks-off “National Nursing Assistants Week” from June 12-19, honoring those who have dedicated their professional lives to assisting and caring for others.  The 2014 MetroHealth-Hanson Services Caregiver Excellence Awards Ceremony marks the ninth year this special event has been held. This year  34 Excellence Award nominees and 34 Dementia-Core Class graduates were honored with a luncheon at MetroHealth’s Prentiss Center.  Akram Boutros, MD, the President and CEO of the MetroHealth Systems opened the ceremony with remarks lauding the commitment and dedication of those who provide care to older adults. Dr. Boutros noted not only his professional regard but also his personal experience […]

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    Parkinson’s: Handwriting Analysis May Lead to Earlier Diagnosis.

Parkinson’s: Handwriting Analysis May Lead to Earlier Diagnosis.


Parkinson’s Disease  comes in different forms and stages, as we at Hanson Services know well.  Like so many of our clients with age associated diseases and needs, no two are exactly alike, and our caregivers respond accordingly.  However, many diseases have one common factor. Early diagnosis plays a key role in how well our clients and family members manage disease symptoms. The-earlier-the better is the common rule.

So this headline on a graphology website caught my attention.  Handwriting analysis is fascinating.   My sister is a professional graphologist, who, for years, has said handwriting analysis goes far beyond our personality traits, and can indicate our physical and emotional health status.  An Israeli study backs that claim when it comes to Parkinson’s Disease.

Israeli researchers have found an innovative and non-invasive method of diagnosing Parkinson’s Disease in its […]

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Hanson Application

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Hanson Services Celebrates

Hanson Services celebrates founder and CEO Maryann Hanson as she reaches a milestone.  Aging comfortably has been her goal for Hanson Services clients since 1996 when “Hanson Services in home assisted living” was founded.  But June 16th, 2013 was the day “aging comfortably” become personal as Maryann turned 70.

The age of 70 is significant because one of Maryann’s favorite quotes (Helen Gurley Brown) says that “only in America do we become invisible after the age of 70.”

“Invisible” is the last word anyone would choose to describe the vibrant, spunky CEO of Hanson Services.  In fact, “invincible” would be a better choice, along with another quote by Gloria Steinem: “One day an army of gray-haired women may quietly take over the Earth!” 

Just change “gray-haired women” to […]

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