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Caregiver Awards for Exceptional Service

On June 9, Hanson Services and MetroHealth Systems of Cleveland, Ohio partnered to honor Caregivers from both organizations who have demonstrated exceptional compassion and skill in caring for older adults.  The 2015 MetroHealth-Hanson Services Caregiver Excellence Awards marks the tenth year this special event has been held. This year 26 Excellence Award nominees and 35 Advanced Dementia Training class graduates were honored with a luncheon at MetroHealth’s Elisabeth Severance Prentiss Center for Skilled Nursing.

Awards were presented by Mary Ann Hanson, President and CEO of Hanson Services, and Christina Szatala, Administrator at the Prentiss Center. Both expressed their appreciation to all the caregivers present for their devotion to a profession that is demanding, both emotionally and physically, and so important when it comes to taking care of our […]

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The Hoffman-Umans Memorial Award for Caregiver Excellence

Hanson Services was honored to receive an endowment in memoriam of former clients, Mae Hoffman and Nettie Umans. The endowment, established in 2014, recognizes and supports those who dedicate themselves to caring for older adults. In the words of Steve Umans, son and nephew:

The Mae Hoffman/Nettie Umans Memorial Award for Caregiver Excellence was established by the family of Mae Hoffman and Nettie Hoffman Umans both to honor their memory and to express our deepest appreciation for the caregivers who contributed immensely to the quality of their lives as they reached the stage of life where help was needed.

In 1988, after her husband Sam passed away, Nettie moved into an apartment in the same building in which Mae had lived for many years. They had always been close […]

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