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In Alzheimer’s, emotions may linger after memories vanish

Ask any Hanson Services care giver what they focus on when caring for a client with Alzheimer’s disease and they will universally answer: creating positive and happy experiences in a setting where our client feels familiar, comfortable and safe. And they should know as, on average,  50% of Hanson clients are living with some form of memory loss.

Often we are contacted by family seeking caregiving help for someone with advancing Alzheimer’s.  During the assessment process we work with families to recognize that Alzheimer’s care goes far beyond personal care and physical safety. We stress the importance of continuing the social events and outings that brought joy in the past: church, symphony, walks in the park etc.  We emphasize the value of enlisting experienced caregivers who can provide engaged and meaningful […]

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Hanson Services Sarasota/Bradenton Welcomes “Hope”


Hanson Services, providers of home care services to Sarasota area Seniors, is pleased to announce the appointment of Hope Wulliman as the branch administrator.

Hope joins the Hanson team as a LPN with over 16 years of experience, specializing in home care and services for older adults.  As an Administrator of Medicare/Medicaid Home Health Care and Private Duty Home Health agencies, Hope brings a broad range of expertise managing care and services provided to older adults in their own homes.  Career highlights include: Administrator for an Alzheimer’s and Dementia facility,  an Alzheimer’s Level I and Level II trainer,  and an Alzheimer’s group facilitator for the spouse and family members of a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Dementia.   In her spare time Hope enjoys going on Medical Missionary Trips and volunteering to help with […]

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Recognizing Excellence in Senior Caregiving

On Tuesday, Hanson Services and MetroHealth Systems of Cleveland, Ohio partnered to honor Caregivers from both organizations who have demonstrated exceptional compassion and skill in careers dedicated to helping seniors. This celebration kicks-off “National Nursing Assistants Week” from June 12-19, honoring those who have dedicated their professional lives to assisting and caring for others.  The 2014 MetroHealth-Hanson Services Caregiver Excellence Awards Ceremony marks the ninth year this special event has been held. This year  34 Excellence Award nominees and 34 Dementia-Core Class graduates were honored with a luncheon at MetroHealth’s Prentiss Center.  Akram Boutros, MD, the President and CEO of the MetroHealth Systems opened the ceremony with remarks lauding the commitment and dedication of those who provide care to older adults. Dr. Boutros noted not only his professional regard but also his personal experience […]

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Caregiver may be able to help Alzheimer’s patient avoid hospital stay

Hospitalization May Be ‘Tipping Point’ for Alzheimer’s Decline

To me, this headline is frightening. As I write this, my father who has Alzheimer’s, is on day 3 in the hospital because of an infection.  My family is with him, and there are no signs of the delirium mentioned in the news article. Also, he is supposed to go home today.  But I can’t help wondering what happens when family can’t be there or there is no family.  Would a familiar caregiver fill the same role?

Maryann Hanson’s suggestion is (if possible) to avoid the hospital in the first place.  She mentioned a physician who advised her to evaluate what the hospital would do for an elderly person that can’t be done at home, and ask how […]

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Animal Protein: Homocysteine levels as an Alzheimers risk indicator

Homocysteine is an amino acid that is produced by the body, usually as a byproduct of consuming meat. Amino acids are naturally made products, which are the building blocks of all the proteins in the body.

Below are some cut and pasted sections of the study that were intriguing:
In cross-sectional studies, elevated plasma homocysteine levels have been associated with poor cognition and dementia. Studies of newly diagnosed dementia are required in order to establish whether the elevated homocysteine levels precede the onset of dementia or result from dementia-related nutritional and vitamin deficiencies.
Low serum levels of certain B vitamins (folate and vitamins B12 and B6) have been associated with elevated plasma homocysteine levels in several studies and with an increased risk of dementia in a few […]

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Dr. Joseph M. Foley – A dear client and friend will be missed by Hanson Services

We took care of Dr. Joseph Foley once a week for ten years, and our caregiver Cathy Santovin was the first and only caregiver Dr. Foley had from Hanson Services.  Dr. Foley passed away at 96 as the Emeritus Professor of Neurology of Case Western Reserve, was the founder of the Cleveland area’s Alzheimer’s Association, awarded the U.S. Bronze Star for being the first unit onshore at the beaches of Normandy, Harvard Medical School Graduate, and a continuous advocate for peace and love amongst his peers.

Our caregivers most memorable moments with Dr. Foley were singing songs and reciting poems from memory.  He would say “I think it’s time to call and bug Peggie!” where he had a continuous rapor with our Human Resources Director […]

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Strength training leads to a healthy body and mind

Many people are aware of the link between a healthy lifestyle and physical/mental health.  However, it seems not all exercise has an equal impact on preventing dementia.  CNN reports on studies from the 2012 Alzheimer’s Association International Conference that seems to show resistance training has the most positive impact for patients at risk of dementia.
While the studies were small, all including 150 participants or less, they did seemed to indicate that resistance training – such as weight lifting or using resistance bands – could possibly be an intervention for dementia in older adults.

One study divided a group of 86 women, all between the ages of 70 and 80, into three different exercise groups: Weight lifting, walking, or balance and tone exercises. Each group […]

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British study examines effects of stress on dementia

Many of Hanson’s clients currently suffer from dementia.  Our education department is constantly on the lookout for methods to make the disease more manageable and support the research of understanding it’s causes.  This is a great article by Michelle Roberts at The BBC News Online linking stress to dementia.
Dementia triggers

People who have mild cognitive impairment are at an increased risk of going on to develop dementia – although some will remain stable and others may improve.

And past work suggests mid-life stress may increase a person’s risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
Read the rest of this article and learn more about dementia over at BBC News.

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