Continuing Education at Hanson Services

To schedule caregiver/continuing education programs, call (216) 226-5425.

We provide continuing education to ensure ongoing growth for Hanson employees, and the professional community including Social Workers, Nurses, and Attorneys.

  • In-service Presentations regarding Hanson Services Program
  • Caregiver Education
  • Accredited CEU’s for healthcare professionals

Learn about:

  • Memory changes as you age, including what is normal and when you should be concerned.  We offer tips for preventing Alzheimer’s and keeping your memory in good shape.
  • Stress Solutions (our most popular program!) We examine the effects of stress experienced by caregivers, and give practical tools to relieve stress and improve well being.
  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia. We explain different forms of dementia, prevention strategies, and the latest research developments.
  • Communication with those who have memory loss.  “Louder Than Words” is a program that will help you understand unpredictable behavior, such as wandering or repetitive questioning. We’ll teach you how to cope.
  • “Taking Charge After Discharge” – Provides healthcare providers, social workers and Discharge Planners insights and resources to help their patients successfully transition home after a hospitalization or in-patient rehab. Emphasis is on creating the best home setting to avoid readmission and have a successful patient outcome.

To schedule caregiver/continuing education programs, call (216) 226-5425