Founder and C.E.O. Hanson Services Inc.

Mary Ann Hanson – Founder and C.E.O. Hanson Services Inc.

After 45 years of health care administration, with the last 30 years focused on geriatric care, I discovered that my true passion and talents are designing programs to support older adults via senior care.

The most frequent question I am often asked is “ Who are older adults”? The answer is simply “Older adults represent society at large with more experience and an enhanced being of who they have always been”.  We older adults do not turn 70 years of age and become cute, white haired sweet little old ladies, unless we have always been a cute, sweet, young lady.  You become the exaggerated  person you have always been.  It has been very rewarding to honor older adults and support them in their dreams to continue to live life to it’s fullest, most often, in the familiarity, and comfort of their own home.  Universally I can say I have never met an older adult looking forward to going in an institution to live out their final years.

If you are an older adult, an adult child, relative or friend of a person that is aging in place, just put yourself in that person’s situation and try to imagine what you would want for yourself.

Early on I discovered that we are all at least 20 years younger than chronology would show.  I am well in advance of 60 and can tell you that unless I look in the mirror, I think of myself as mid-twenties.  When I am sick or not feeling good, I always know I will feel better tomorrow.  Just because I am 80 or 90 years of age those feelings do not change.  Meaning a 90 year old thinks of her or his self as 70 and know they will feel better tomorrow. Age doesn’t matter, try this experiment with yourself, which will give you a greater understanding of your self or the older adult in your life.

When I developed Hanson Services, Inc., in 1995 and opened the service for business in 1996, these premises were used to develop our care and service model for clients to reside at their own residence:

  1. It is Hanson Services’ responsibility to provide autonomy, respect, and honor with tender loving care to the older adult utilizing our services.
  2. It is Hanson Services’ responsibility to maintain a clean and safe environment in the older adults personal dwelling.
  3. It is Hanson Services’ responsibility to monitor, discuss and report the well being of the older adult.
  4. It is Hanson Services’ responsibility to coordinate care with the adult children and other involved Health Care Professionals.
  5. It is Hanson services’ responsibility to respect the rights of the older adult and their adult children.
  6. It is Hanson Services’ responsibility to engage the older adult in all aspects of their daily living including Socialization, Pet Care and local community.

It is our mission to provide assistance with caring and fun in the daily lives of older adults.  We have been successful in accomplishing this in over 1 million hours of service to older adults.

Hanson Services is privately owned, NOT A FRANCHISE.  Hanson services employs more than 160 years of experience in our Management Team alone.  Not including the experience of some 350 part-time & full time employees.

Hanson Services Education Department trains our own Care Givers as well as Health Care Professionals from more than 30 hospitals, hospice agencies, nursing agencies, physical and occupational therapy outpatient facilities, including rehabilitation and skilled nursing facilities.

We utilize a shift format of REVIEW: upon every visit. This ensures the well being of the client and helps eliminate many re-hospitalizations.

  • Review-
    •  Notes from previous shift or family
    • Medication compliance 
  • Evaluate-
    • Emotional and physical wellbeing of the client
    • Current condition of the home
  • Visit Plan- 
    • Confirm and discuss client expectations for the shift
  • Initiate-
    •  Requested/required services and activities
  • Engage-
    •  Always take time to socialize and interact with client
  • Wrap Up
    •  Complete clean up from meals, bath etc. 
    • Confer with client that priorities have been met .
    • Communicate changes or concerns to family, physician and Hanson management.

We provide a cost effective alternative to institutional living and promote compliance to recommended protocols for chronic conditions or recent hospitilazations.  Our Caregivers enhance the joy in day to day living, promoting the maximum involvement of the older adult with their family, friends and communities.

If the person who raised you, needs an extra hand in their daily living, call Hanson Services. Ask your questions, arrange a free needs assessment, then involve our professionals.  Let us provide that special touch of being an extended member of your family to allow your family members the opportunity to enjoy the fun times of holidays, meals, special occasions or just the fun daily visits without over whelming you.

Most of our older adults have saved all their life for a rainy day.  Sometimes they fail to recognize when it is the downpour they saved for.   They never want to be a burden and  never have to be.  Let Hanson Services handle the burdensome task while you provide the love and support we all want and need from our families.