Meal planning for the elderly doesn’t have to be complicated.  Farmer’s markets are making healthy meal planning easier and affordable.

At the Senior Center in Euclidfarmer-s-market-produce-15036058, fresh produce came to the door.  I recently spoke at their “Healthy For Life” program, and was delighted to see a farmer’s market set up at the front door.  Seniors were able to use a voucher to buy fresh, locally grown fruit and vegetables.   Ohio’s  voucher program gives seniors an affordable plan for healthy eating.  Below are links that provide more information.

Low sodium recipesOhio vouchers   find a farmer’s market near you.

 Hanson Services Education Director, Laura Hazen stresses the importance of healthy meal planning for our caregivers who provide meals for clients.  She stresses the importance of planning meals around our client’s dietary needs.  For instance, a meal can be prepared with no or low sodium.  Some of our clients are on blood thinners and need to be avoid dark greens,  others may have diabetes and need to avoid sugar.

Don’t forget the farmer’s markets for great soup ingredients as fall approaches.  Our caregivers often cook hearty soups, that can be frozen and reheated when the cold weather moves in.  It’s a great way to continue healthy eating through the winter months.